Antique reclaimed wood

We can provide you with Antique wood (XVIII-XIX c.) hand-crafted (pine or spruce) for your project.

Antique reclaimed wood is lumber that has been salvaged from old buildings, barns, factories, warehouses, railroads, and other structures that are being demolished or renovated. Just like with reclaimed bricks, this wood is valued for its history, character, and sustainability.

Here are some attributes and benefits of antique reclaimed wood:

Historic Character: Reclaimed wood often contains a level of craftsmanship and character that is difficult to find in new lumber. This includes unique grain patterns, knots, and nail holes that tell a story of its past use.

Environmental Benefits: Reusing wood helps to reduce the demand for new lumber, conserving forest resources, and reducing the carbon footprint associated with logging, processing, and transporting new wood.

Strength and Durability: Old-growth wood that is often found in reclaimed sources is typically denser and more durable than new wood because it comes from trees that had centuries to grow before being harvested.

Aesthetic Appeal: Reclaimed wood can add a warm, rustic charm to new construction or remodeling projects. Its weathered look is not easily replicated by new wood, even when artificially aged.

Chemical-Free: Antique reclaimed wood is less likely to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because it predates the use of many modern chemical treatments used in wood processing.

Unique History: Each piece of reclaimed wood has a unique history and can often be traced back to its original source, adding a narrative element to the design.


Reclaimed wood can be repurposed into flooring, beams, paneling, furniture, and other woodworking projects. Due to its age and the conditions it has been exposed to, this wood usually requires special handling during the repurposing process to preserve its unique qualities and ensure it is free from pests.